Competition…what your pets mean to you

I’d like to know more about what your pets mean to you, so I’ve decided to run a competition to find out.

I’m offering a free portrait each month (with $10 P&P which can be paid through Paypal). Please do not enter if you are unwilling to pay the Postage and Packaging!

To enter, post a photo of your pet along with a few sentences about what they mean to you on my Facebook group or e-mail it to

This month’s competition is open until May 2nd…and all entries welcome :-D! I have put ‘spring’ as a theme suggestion to get ideas going, but will be delighted to see all photos and characters 😀

2 thoughts on “Competition…what your pets mean to you

  1. Since you mention London is your write up, am I correct in assuming that you’re talking about London, England? If so, does that mean that this contest is open to people outside North America?

    • Yes :-D! I’m in London, England (though studying in Scotland at the university of St Andrews) but the competition is open to anyone from anywhere in the world – you’d just need to send me an address once I’ve done the painting so I can post it to you 🙂 . I’d be delighted to take your entry 🙂

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