Thanks to everyone who commissioned portraits :-D

In the final week of a CELTA TEFL course at the Galway Language School I can’t believe how time flew by. A month’s intensive course though it feels like just a few days since I arrived in Galway. 6 assessment essays, 7 Lesson Plans, 7 classes to teach and all the lesson observation and assessment forms later it’s almost finished! The final class to teach is this friday. And in the end, it allows me to teach English as a foreign language when I go to Brazil on August 11th 🙂 .

That gives me 2 months to see what conservation projects are working in the area (Bahia)…and hopefully come back with a more solid idea of how I could go about working in conservation. 50% of any profits from the portraits will help the plan move forward, so many thanks to everyone who commissioned a portrait 😀

It’s plainly ridiculous to go to a country and expect to use land for conservation, blind to the people living there. Conservation should be a tool to benefit people as much as it benefits the rest of the ecosystem; at the end of the day humans are part of the web of life, even if we’re ‘only a strand in it’. I may be a tree-hugging eco-hippie but I don’t want to miss the wood for the trees; so while I am in Brazil for 2 months my aim is to use the time discovering as much as I can.

15 days to go and counting…

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