1891 Sketches by my Great-Grandmother LoLo, Muriel Readhead

I feel like I have just unearthed a treasure chest…sketches (ink on paper) done in 1891 by my great-grandmother Muriel Hammond (married to become Muriel Readhead). Before seeing these I had no idea that she sketched – and also sketched pets!! And not only that, she signed and dated her work 🙂 . These make me smile, and especially the one of Chip, the little jack-russel terrier, which is probably my favourite! Even the sketches of people are a piece of history with the period outfits, and even the sportsman target-shooting with his rifle (under which is written: “Seven balls – the last on the wrong target.” from ‘Sporting and Dynamic, August 1 1891’). I think it was copied from a photo in that journal. The sketch of the building may also have been done in fact by my granny’s first cousin Hermione Hammond (Tooker) though is not clearly signed. Anyway a trip down memory lane…

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