The First World Homeless Action Day event in Brazil

It looks like Andre and I won´t be going to Vale do Capao. After several failed attempts to get the bus, we are still in Vitoria da Conquista. Unfortunately the bus company which was too disorganised to give us clear answers; the first problem being that they never know whether the bus will go to Lencois (the town where we have to change buses to travel to Palmeiras), until it is actually here at the bus station ready to depart. That´s because they only go via Lencois if other passengers have booked to go there, and is why our first try failed (having transported suitcases, rucksacks and Sabby to the bus station); there was no stop in Lencois that day).
The second try failed due to misinformation. Having made countless calls to the company to check and triple check that dogs can travel, they had told us that yes, we should bring the dog and she could come in the bus itself with us. So we did; we came to the bus stop again this morning with all the bags, dog and even her travelling box in case we might have to use it. But they said no, in fact they have rules about dogs and she would have to go in the luggage compartment. We took a look; it´s a metal box, and once the door is closed, has no air supply.

So, plan failed. But all is not lost! Here in Vitoria da Conquista on June 10th we held the first World Homeless Action Day event in Brazil, with the support of Kombioca, TV and Radio UESB and the bands Distintivo Blue and Ramanaia. The idea of the event was to bring the community together so there was no entrance fee, only donations of food, clothes or other materials which will be distributed among the charitable organisations in Conquista.

Hopefully this will lead to more similar events, including an event on the 10th of October itself 🙂

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