Exhibiting at the Urban Edge Art Gallery on Brixton Hill


This April 5th to 7th thanks to Marilyn Wisbey, who will also be exhibiting her painting Krac-ed, for introducing me, the artist Linzi Louise has given me the opportunity to exhibit at the brilliant Urban Edge art event.  The gallery is on Brixton Hill and always has a great range of works displayed. Not only does it give me the chance to exhibit paintings I’ve done myself, but it means I could offer the chance to some of the guests taking part in the art sessions at the Pilion Trust Crash Pad shelter to exhibit their work in the same space. Some of the amazing work they’ve done is below.

The event has something for everyone, of all ages, and what makes it special is that it allows artists, both experienced and new to the trade, to exhibit their work for the very reasonable gallery fee of £40. This is in contrast to the thousands of pounds usually charged by galleries for representation, along with their percentage of any sales made by the artists.

Linzi Louise gives this amazing opportunity to up and coming and experienced artists at an event not to be missed, with a great viewing and the artists themselves usually there to chat about their work and meet people coming to look around. It’s an event not to be missed!P1000347


P1080118 P1080123 P1080124 P1080126 P1080128 P1080131 P1080132P1000322P1000320P1000346P1000318P1000317P1000319P1000314P1000313P1000315P1000198P1000197P1000312P1000195P1000194P1000196P1000192 P1000193 P1000192 P1000190 P1000189  P1000186

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