“We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realise the truth.” Pablo Picasso

Hi :-D! And welcome to this page, where you can browse through some of my animal portraits and general randomness. I paint because I love it – and love animals. I am fascinated by animal communication and language, as well as nature and the world’s ecosystems.

Since so many species are in need of conservation, I feel they should be highlighted through art of all kinds from photography and filming to painting to bring their beauty to people’s attention. Like David Attenborough said: “I actually think the best way of taking the message to the people is by showing them the pleasure, not necessarily by saying every time, ‘You’ve got to do something about it,’ but by saying, ‘Look, isn’t this lovely?’ and the other bit follows.”

To learn more about animals, I studied Zoology, and wrote my thesis about animal language and communication. But learning doesn’t end and there is always more to find out about it!

I have always loved to paint, but have set up Pet Portraits to satisfy my own wish to paint animals.

I believe art is what links all people and is a thing we all have in common; both painting, craft music and literature. So for this reason part of my aims are to promote and encourage art as a means of campaigning for the homeless and vulnerable adults and I have volunteered and helped fundraising efforts for a charity called the Pilion Trust who carry out outreach, counseling and mentoring work for vulnerable people of all ages with complex needs, and for World Homeless Action Day.

So, to anyone who would like a personal portrait of their loved pet or of any animal of choice, I am more than delighted to take commissions any time. And if not, I hope you have fun looking, and share my enjoyment of animal character, feeling and expression.

Feel free to browse the site for details and  thanks for visiting :-D!

If you like the work, and would like to show support, you can join my group on Facebook 🙂

Pet Portraits, suzyspaniel@hotmail.com

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks :-D)) ! I’m always glad to take commissions and 50% of any profits go to the Pilion Trust for the homeless which is based in London 🙂 . The other 50% I’ll be using when I go to Brasil on the 11th of August – I’ll hopefully be teaching in a school there and will investigate how I can work in conservation/set up a nature reserve to benefit people too (a lot of environmental activists forget about people and the fact that their illegal logging or other damaging practises may simply be their only way of surviving and feeding their family). So if i work in conservation I hope to work with people, find out what they want and need in their communities and show how conservation work will actually generate income, sustainable practises can help increase standards of living, and anything raised from the nature reserve by eco-tourism will be re invested in their communities in a project they themselves come up with 🙂 .
    Anyway loads of work to be done for that :-D))) *hugs* xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

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